These days, spy cameras play an important role for many people. Spy cams are devices created to capture and record images and footage covertly. These devices are usually tiny and are not easily seen or recognized. Many manufacturers also create spy cams that look and function like ordinary household and office items like tissue holders, wall clocks, DVD players, MP3 players, iPod docks, USBs, watches, smoke detectors and even ID cards. These items, when placed strategically in a home or office can capture activities and monitor people without arousing any suspicion.

What are the advantages of installing hidden cameras?

There are many benefits to setting up spy cams in your home, office or place of business. The topmost benefit is the added security. Having spy cameras rigged in a home can let parents know if their children are being treated well by their nannies. House owners can also monitor their house help with the help of spy cams and let them know if these people are trustworthy. With the increase of burglary cases these days, surveillance cameras are often necessary in home settings.

At work, spy cams are also used to monitor employees and make sure that they are doing exactly what they are being paid to do. Workplace hidden cameras also help enhance office security and protect office property and equipments from getting damaged. In some places of work, they don’t even actually install spy cams, they only make it look like a spy cam is present to keep employees in check and behaving properly. Spy cams are effective in thwarting office theft.

Other benefits of spy cams:

· Help keep workers’ honesty in check especially in long-term care facilities.

· Spy cameras help preserve the value of a Lawmate Products property. Installing hidden cameras, aside from or rather than hiring security personnel can help prevent the deterioration of a home or business property.

· The value of a property can also be enhanced by installing hidden cameras.

· Spy cams can get you discounts on your insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who go the extra mile of securing their property by rigging spy cams and such devices aside from purchasing insurance.

· Hidden cameras provide you the chance to improve and train your employee. Using spy cams to monitor your employees can give you an idea on how to make them more productive in the future.

· Spy cameras are also being used in traffic and law enforcement. Hidden cameras are used to monitor traffic and catch over-speeding motorists.

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