You need a great amount of conditioning if you’re going to play football. You need to build up your body so that it can perform long stretches of endurance. You shouldn’t ever worry about being great, that won’t prepare you. You have to be able to withstand the physical demands of the sport. When the ball comes at you, you need to have that inside you, not just rules that you follow. You must spend lots of time pushing your body to its limits in order that you will be able to endure what is to come. Explosive power is what you need, the kind that can be used in short bursts of energy. Endurance is what you need to improve, and that won’t be gotten by you just doing a treadmill at the gym, or bicycling using a cross-trainer if you want to get into shape for football.

When you do drills, they should be simple and intense; that will allow you to dominate the field.

Some of the things you can do… One is called 50/40s. What you do is you make a mark on the field at the 40 yard mark, then run sprints to that line fifty times. Then you should rest two-minutes, and do it again.

Another drill called ‘Gut Busters’ is similar. At the 40 yard mark, put two cones (or other things so you’ll know where to go). Sprint back-and-forth, and at both ends you should do an exercise like doing ten squat thrust, 10 sit-ups, ten mountain climbers, or ten sit-ups, do ten jumping jacks, ten up-downs, or ten butt kickers.


Yet another that you can do is called ‘Four Corners’. In this one you place four cones that make a ten-yard by ten-yard square. You start at a corner, and then backpedal until you reach the next corner. You side-shuffle to the next cone, but as you go you should neither cross, nor touch either foot. When you reach the next cone, you should sprint to the next cone. Finally, side-shuffle until you get back to where you began; repeat that five times after resting for one minute.

There’s a drill that’s called ‘Overspeed’. In this one you race as fast as you can down a steep hill, this will cause your feet to move faster than they would if you were on flat ground. It’s very easy to lose your balance, because you’re not used to doing it that way, so be careful. If you trip, you could hurt yourself.

Kettle Balls can be a good way to get in shape, you will be using a Kettle Ball as you Clean, then Squat, and finally Jerk. You know how to do these three if you’ve done weightlifting, but you’ll be doing it with a Kettle Ball. This will increase your endurance, and strengthen your ability to explode into action.

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