Natural Slate is very well grained metamorphic type of stone. It is formed from clay mud and is composed of decomposed stone and organic matter, which is hardened by the heat and force. Mostly the natural slate is grey in color but it does occur in various types of colors. A huge variety of natural slate stone is available today in the market such as Autumn Rustic, Copper Natural, Copper Polished, Chocolate, Deoli Green Natural, Deoli Green Polished, Golden Natural, Himachal Black, Himachal White, Himachal Green, Indian Kashmir, Silver Grey polished, or silver shine to name a few. Slate suppliers have wide range of polished and naturally finished slate. This caters to the need of various restaurants, hotels, or even offices.

You might find few Natural Slates stones soft and few hard. This depends on from where this stone have been originated. For Example this stone from Canada, US, and UK are harder as compared to the other.

Uses of Natural Slate Stones

Most commonly this stone is used for roofing and flooring. But it has been used to create various monuments. Apart from this it is being used to create sinks, islands, countertops, and slate backsplashes. Slate Tiles are used for doing flooring both for interior and exterior as well as used for wall cladding.

This stone can be used garden waterfalls. As slate stone is weather proof, hence you can use the same outdoors. More over few slate stones are soft and hence it can be designed and carved in the manner in which you intend. Hence you can have slate garden waterfalls at home as well as commercial location also. This slate garden waterfall can be designed with wide range of range as the stone is available in various colors such as blue, gray, green, or brown.

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